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Financial statements are like a road map.  If you know how to read them they can tell you how you did in the past, where you are now, and what’s ahead in your future.

Our webinar series takes the mystery out of financial reports and offers a practical approach to connecting your daily activities to the line-items that reflect their income or cost to the business.

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What you get…

The Financial Statements Made Easy Webinar Series is a three-part series loaded with bonuses and extra features designed to help you finally understand your own numbers and take back control of your accounting!

The 3-part webinar series includes:

Introduction to Financial Statements Made Easy

The Series starts with an introduction to Financial Statements Made Easy (FSME). In this program we explain the difference between Financial and Managerial Financial Statements and show you how each of the three financial statements are used. We also clarify why it’s so tough to use and understand your traditional financial statement formats!

Three 90-minute webinars on the following topics:

Once we’ve completed the introduction we take a deeper look at the three financial statements every business owner needs to understand.

  • FSME – Income Statement
  • FSME – Balance Sheet
  • FSME – Cash Flow

The webinars will explain what’s in each statement, what the statement tells you, and how you can use it to measure your business results. All of this is shared in practical, easy-to-understand examples.

We ask you to print out your own financial statements from Quickbooks so you can follow along with your own data. It’s much more meaningful that way! Need help printing your own financial statements? No problem! Let us know when you register and we’ll send you instructions!

We’ve added a Bonus! If you sign up and pay in full for the complete webinar series you also get a hands-on step-by-step QuickBooks Tutorial to help you

  • set up managerial accounts in your chart of accounts,
  • create a checklist to ensure completeness of your financial reporting
  • establish recurring transactions
  • design custom reports
  • and more…!

And we’re adding a 2nd bonus – If you sign up and pay in full for the complete webinar series you also get

  • our 60-minute webinar on the difference between Financial and Managerial Accounting – which may explain why you struggle to use your financial statements to make business decisions


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What’s a current, active client? If you’re currently using our bookkeeping or coaching services or have signed up for one of our live events, you’re a current, active client. Thank you for trusting us to assist you!

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Outcomes and Benefits

Your tax professionals and accountants work with financial statements geared towards external reporting – to the IRS, investors, creditors or lenders. They follow generally accepted accounting principles, which is great in creating a standard that everyone can follow. They tell you about your performance in the past.

However, you need your financial statements to tell you what’s going on now and in the future. Managerial statements, which provide more detail of your operations, allow you to pinpoint areas that need attention – now, and in the future – based on past performance.

The Financial Statements Made Easy webinar series decodes the financial language your statements speak so that you may gain more control over the accounting function and financial reporting. This can give you “peace of mind” and allow you to feel more secure in making business decisions. No more worrying about whether or not there’s enough cash in the bank to buy that new equipment, hire more people, or even pay yourself a higher salary! Your financial statements can tell you these stories and more, if only you understood their language!

We guide you through the financial statements so that you can:

  • determine where your actions show up.
  • understand potential future results and risks.
  • gain better understanding of your actual operating results!
  • avoid making mistakes that generate fines, incur penalties, or result in lost productivity.
  • create more meaningful internal reports to help you monitor financial results.


So what does it cost?

image of business woman and businessmanIf you took accounting classes to learn about financial statements you could pay as much as $2,500 for a class. Just One Class!

A CPA could charge you by the hour at rates from $50 to $200 per hour or more to set up your QuickBooks and do your bookkeeping, but you still won’t understand their output because most of them don’t focus on managerial accounting and operational analysis.

Bookkeepers typically run $20 – $100 or more per hour, but again you still won’t get a full understanding of how to interpret the financial statements they give you. And you won’t understand how your actions show up in your results.

Our Financial Statements Made Easy Webinar Series Includes the following:

  • Three 90-minute Webinars on Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • 1 live Q&A call on accounting questions, hiring a bookkeeper, accounting software, understanding merchant services and other questions related to your accounting processes
  • Unlimited email support
Tuition: $1,500 or 3-pay of $550 per payment

If you sign up and pay in full for the entire series – you get a bonus! One 90-minute QuickBooks Tutorial with step-by-step guide to creating your own managerial reports. We’ll also add tips and tricks for using QuickBooks Online!

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