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Frustrated with the way QuickBooks creates your financial statements? 

Feel like the one place you could be robbed blind and never know it is by your bookkeeper?

Before you get to the stage this guy is in, let us help!

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Most financial statements are prepared either to calculate income taxes or present to potential lenders and investors. These statements are highly summarized and not designed to provide all the information managers need to make good business decisions.

There are 6 ways you can lose money by failing to use and understand your own financial statements properly:

  1. Penalties to IRS for underpayment of income taxes
  2. Missed warning signs of fraud or theft
  3. Overspending to overdraw bank account
  4. Failing to record business transactions
  5. Mingling personal expenses with business expenses
  6. Incorrectly valuing the business when negotiating to sell

Want to minimize these risks? Want to pay yourself more money? Want to be more profitable or efficient? Join us for our new webinar series Financial Statements Made Easy. Take the mystery out of understanding your own financial statements – learn how to read, interpret and use yours to make better business decisions. And reduce the frustration and stress of trying to read reports that look like just a jumble of numbers rather than a reflection of your sales, expenses and business activities!

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