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Starting May 21 at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern

Are you going crazy trying to stay organized with your bookkeeping? Or do you just plain hate doing the books and keep putting it off until it’s time to file your taxes. If this is you, you’re in good company! But you’re also leaving money on the table. And tax time is approaching…. 

Running your business by your current bank balance is risky. It sets you up for nasty surprise expenditures you didn’t plan for,  continued effort for products and services that don’t make you money, and lots of extra time spent trying to remember what happened during the year. 

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you didn’t realize you would need to do bookkeeping and you probably have not taken any type of accounting classes to help you manage your business. This means that accounting has become the obstacle to your business growth. Not knowing your numbers and letting your accounting process slide can means you’re making decisions from gut rather than from fact, and this can cost you serious time, money and frustration.

You can do so much better with actual facts and knowledge! Your financial statements have stories to tell… and so much information to share with you, if only you knew how to read them! You’ll be able to avoid nasty surprises, pay yourself a salary, hire people, understand which products or services are your big money-makers, and be able to see the warning signs of upcoming cash flow shortages.  Knowing your numbers gives you back freedom, reduces your stress and allows you to spend time doing the things you love and that make you money.  

If you are an Entrepreneur who is ready to take action and take back control of your accounting process this program is for you. This is your chance to have access to an experienced former Fortune 500 accounting professional to guide you through setting up an effective bookkeeping system and get answers to those puzzling questions nobody’s been able to answer adequately for you.

In Demystifying Your Financials we use a plain-English approach to teach you how to reorganize your bookkeeping system so it makes sense to you. We’ll also look at ways to streamline the data entry process so it doesn’t take so long to do the books.  We will teach you how to read financial statements, create budgets, understand the mysteries of accepting credit cards, learn the differences between bookkeeper/accountant/CPA, set product pricing, learn the warning signs to impending disasters BEFORE they occur.

Your Investment for Demystifying Your Financials Group Mastermind is $997 Full Pay or 3 payments of $375 upon signing our agreement.  The program includes

  • 6 live webinar calls with Marcy
  • 1 Group Q&A call 
  • 1 session 1:1 with Marcy to be completed by program end
  • Unlimited email access to Marcy
  • Special client pricing on VIP Days and additional program offerings
  • BONUS 1:  A chart of accounts assessment and recommendations to make your Profit and Loss Statement easier to read
  • BONUS FOR FULL PAY REGISTRATIONS ONLY: Bonus Q&A call for additional guidance on implementing strategies and key concepts


  • Web Call dates are as follows
    • May 21 at 10 am Pacific
    • May 28 at 10 am Pacific
    • June 4 at 10 am Pacific
    • June 11 at 10 am Pacific
    • June 18 at 10 am Pacific
    • June 25 at 10 am Pacific
  • Q&A Call will be July 2 at 10 am Pacific

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6-Part Webinar Series



To be created as a virtual program – stay tuned

For any start-up business, setting up your bookkeeping is one of the toughest things to do. Choosing the right software is critical, and so is getting that software set up properly from the beginning.  If you do it right the bookkeeping can be much easier.

In this 1-month program we will teach you best practices in keeping records, tracking expenses and recording them in a system that works for you.  We will cover how to get started, what records/receipts you need to keep, which bookkeeping software is best for you, and how to categorize expenses.  We will also set up your bookkeeping system or help you refine the system you are using. 

The program is delivered on-line via Zoom or in person as needed.  We will agree on a start date and will complete as much work as possible during this 1-month time-frame.  Features of this program include

  • QuickBooks Set-up
  • Chart of Accounts Set-Up
  • Bank Feed connections
  • Tutoring on how to record and categorize expenses, create invoices and use QuickBooks
  • Monthly Checklist of Bookkeeping Tasks
  • Unlimited email access for 1 month

This program is ideal for anyone who has started a business and doing the books themselves. The ultimate objective is to get you started in maintaining your records during the year instead of cramming it all in at tax time. You’ll work one-on-one with Marcy Maslov, former Fortune 500 finance executive turned entrepreneur and “Plain English” accountant.

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