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Tax time is right around the corner – do you have your financial results ready to go? Or are you going to file an extension Again this year because you just didn’t stay on top of your accounting… If you want to be ready for tax time and end the extension tension, we’ve got a great solution for you!

Being unorganized or putting off the books means you’re leaving money on the table. You could be filing on time and getting your refund faster, instead of filing extensions and worrying about how much you’ll owe and how you’ll end up paying for it. You could also be spending lots of extra time trying to remember what happened during the year so you can actually figure out how much income you made – and this just makes you hate accounting even more.

If you don’t have a good accounting system you’re keeping your business small, and risking missed tax filing deadlines or being forced to turn down investors, big jobs or loans because you don’t have financial statements or an understanding of how to manage your cash flow. 

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you didn’t realize you would need to do bookkeeping when you started your business, and you probably have not taken any type of accounting classes to help you with this important activity. This means that accounting has become the obstacle to your business growth. 

You can do so much better with actual facts and knowledge! Your financial statements have stories to tell… and so much information to share with you, if only you knew how to read them!  And with my help you’ll only have to spend two hours a month.  Knowing your financial results can help you to

  • avoid nasty surprises
  • pay yourself a salary
  • hire people
  • understand which products or services are your big money-makers
  • be able to see the warning signs of upcoming cash flow shortages. 

Knowing your numbers gives you back freedom, reduces your stress and allows you to spend time doing the things you love and that make you money.  

If you are an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner who is ready to take action and take back control of your accounting process this program is for you. This is your chance to have access to an experienced former Fortune 500 accounting professional to guide you through setting up an effective bookkeeping system and get answers to those puzzling questions nobody’s been able to answer adequately for you.

In the 90-Day Demystifying Your Financial Statements Boot-camp we use a plain-English approach to teach you how to reorganize your bookkeeping system so it makes sense to you. We’ll also look at ways to streamline the data entry process so it doesn’t take so long to do the books.  We will teach you how to read financial statements, create budgets, understand the mysteries of accepting credit cards, learn the differences between bookkeeper/accountant/CPA, set product pricing, learn the warning signs to impending disasters BEFORE they occur.

JUST IN TIME FOR TAXES – This 90-day boot-camp will complete at the end of February.  IF YOU DO THE WORK… You’ll have your financial statements completed and ready to hand over to your tax pro.  Just think of it… no extension this year, and knowledge of how much you’ll either get back or owe early enough in the year that you’ll have time to make better decisions on what to do.

This is a one-on-one program designed to help you create a solid foundation for your business that sets you up to be able to grow.  The program is available to start any time during 2021 and lasts for 90 days from your start date.   

There are a limited number of spots available with Marcy.

Your Investment for Demystifying Your Financial Statements Boot-camp is $4,997 Full Pay or 2 payments of $2,098.50 each plus $1,000 deposit.  

  • 8 live webinar sessions lasting 60-90 minutes with Marcy
  • 1 strategy session to talk 1:1 with Marcy for 30 minutes
  • 3 one-on-one sessions with Marcy on setting up or organizing your bookkeeping system, creating a meaningful accounts list, categorizing expenses
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Templates and workbooks for each week’s session
  • Unlimited email access during the 90-day program, and 
  • Special client pricing on future VIP Days and additional program offerings
  • FOR FULL PAY REGISTRATIONS ONLY: Bonus Q&A call for additional guidance on implementing strategies and key concepts

The 8 webinar sessions cover the following topics

  • Session 1 – The cost of not knowing your numbers 
  • Session 2 – Demystifying your financials – the 3 Statements and the stories they tell
  • Session 3 – Accounting software and guided set-up
  • Session 4 – Streamlining the bookkeeping process step by step
  • Session 5 – Managerial reporting to tell you what’s “going on”
  • Session 6 – Predicting the future: easy budgets and strategic plans
  • Session 7 – How to hire a bookkeeper, create systems and avoid missing critical deadlines
  • Session 8 – Avoiding a repeat disaster: how to stay current

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